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Come to a hot spring inn surrounded by the sounds of the waves and the setting sun.

Family, group, business

The sea, the mountains, and hot springs. Any one of these would be a reason for travel, but here in Asamushi you can enjoy them all, which is why it has been nicknamed "Tohoku's Atami" and "Aomori's inner sanctum," attracting many visitors.

Akitaya is located on the seaside, facing Asamushi's symbol, "Yunoshima", and is a one-minute walk from the swimming beach "Sunset Beach". It is also close to the Aomori Prefectural Asamushi Aquarium, so families and groups can enjoy a variety of leisure activities.

About 30 minutes by car or train from Aomori Station.
It also has good access to Hirosaki City, Hachinohe City, and the Shimokita Peninsula, making it ideal for business use and workation.

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In the large bath on the top floor

Overlooking Mutsu Bay,

Watching the sunset

A comfortable moment.

hot spring

Our pride and joy, the large open-air bath "Nagisa no Yu" is located on the top floor, from which you can see the expansive Mutsu Bay before your eyes, the Aomori cityscape across the sea, and in the distance Mt. Iwaki, also known as Tsugaru Fuji. You can enjoy the beautiful Yunoshima, which changes its appearance with the changing seasons of the trees and is beautiful when illuminated by the setting sun, and the glittering night view of Aomori city at night.

The women's large bath faces the sea in front and has walls on both sides, so you can enjoy your stay without worrying about being seen from outside.

We also have baby mats and baby chairs available for rental, so please feel free to ask us.

The spring quality is simple spring (hypotonic, weakly alkaline, high temperature spring) with no peculiar smell, and the spring temperature is 59.8 degrees (varies depending on the outside temperature). It will slowly warm your body and soul.


Private open-air bath "Warahando & Megokko"

On the top 6th floor, there are two shallow open-air private family baths where you can play while looking at the sky. In Tsugaru dialect, "warahando" means "children" and "megokko" means "cute child." Please enjoy the hot springs with your children and the family while feeling the sky and the outside air.
*Available from July to September (opening may be earlier depending on temperature)
* Reservation required: 1 hour private time, up to 2 families, swimsuits required

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Local cuisine and hearty


Daily creative buffet

" Mee mama (=delicious rice) " from Aomori



The restaurant was named after the Tsugaru dialect "Mee (delicious) Mama (rice)" because we want our customers to be able to eat their favorite dishes to their heart's content.

Dinner appetizers are made with seasonal ingredients, and this spring we are offering mustard-dressed rape blossoms and bamboo shoots with sauce from Aomori Prefecture. For the main course, you can enjoy a variety of dishes you will love, including the popular cream pasta, made with an exquisite pasta sauce that the head chef puts a lot of effort into, grilled scallops in their shells, marinated tuna, the local dish "senbei soup" from the southern part of Aomori Prefecture, rice cooked with scallops, and miso soup made with clams from Lake Jusan.


For breakfast, try "Tororo rice" made with Aomori-grown yam, the number one producer in Japan. A blend of the "company secret" dashi and two types of Tororo from the prefecture creates an exquisite texture and a fresh, chewy taste. You can pour it over white rice from Aomori, or mix it with plum jellyfish, sea urchin, shiitake mushrooms, etc. to change the flavor for a more delicious taste. Aomori's local dish, "Scallop grilled miso (kayaki miso)," is also perfect with white rice. Have breakfast to recharge your energy for the day.

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Relax with the sound of the waves and the seaside scenery

Relax with your family or small group

Group or

Comfortable for business use

Spending time in your room watching the ever-changing sunlight and sky patterns, and the ocean and mountain scenery reflected in them, will deepen the memories of your trip. Our hotel offers Japanese-style rooms, Japanese-Western style rooms for 2 or 4 people, as well as special rooms for 10 people.

Wi-Fi is available throughout the hotel, and the business rooms feature desks by the windows overlooking the sea and double-glazed windows to ensure a quiet environment.

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Nebuta at the entrance

Welcoming guests at the entrance is the beautiful "Benzaiten Nebuta" playing the biwa. It was created by the 7th Nebuta Master Hiroo Takenami as a farewell picture for "Ryuo", the winner of the 2022 Aomori Nebuta Grand Prize.

Asamushi Onsen is close to the sea. Built on a small hill with a great view of the sea, there is the Hachidairyu-jingu Shrine, which enshrines the Eight Great Dragon Kings, believed to be gods related to water, and in response to this, there is a small shrine behind a red torii gate on Yunoshima Island, where Benzaiten, who also governs water and the arts, is enshrined.

We hope you will be able to experience the history and local life of Asamushi Onsen, which lives in harmony with the sea and is known as the birthplace of Nebuta.

Kids Space

To coincide with our reopening, we have created a kids' space where children can have fun playing even on rainy days or in the cold seasons, and parents can keep an eye on them with peace of mind.
The floor is made of soft materials in an orange and navy color scheme that evokes the sunset and sea of Asamushi, and is equipped with play equipment such as slides and ring toss that encourage physical play, as well as picture books.

Guests staying with children can use the facility free of charge.

Location : 1st floor lobby Opening hours: 15:00-21:00, 7:00-10:00

Restaurant ME MAMA

The restaurant "ME MAMA" has an area of 135 tatami mats and can be divided into three sections depending on the number of guests, such as group reservations. The seats by the windows offer a view of Yunoshima at dusk and the seaside bathed in the morning sun.

Enjoy a daily creative buffet for dinner and a healthy, freshly prepared buffet for breakfast. Relax and enjoy meals packed with Aomori ingredients.

Restaurant ME MAMA
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Nearby sightseeing

Located at the base of the Natsudomari Peninsula and in a corner of the Asamushi Natsudomari Prefectural Natural Park, Asamushi Onsen is

Experience the natural beauty of nature in a compact area.

It is a place where you can enjoy leisure and activities throughout the year.

Go to the sea or the mountains as you please.

Sunset Beach: 1 minute walk

Asamushi Onsen Forest Park General Information Center... 1 minute by car

Lake Hotaru…… 5 minutes by car

Hotate Square: 4 minutes by car

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If you contact us in advance, we will come to Asamushi Onsen Station to pick you up.


If you contact us in advance, we will come to Asamushi Onsen Station to pick you up.

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Reservations and Inquiries
Akitaya logo.png

293-12 Hotarudani, Asamushi, Aomori City, Aomori Prefecture, 039-3501

TEL 017-752-1031 ( 1 0:00-18:00 (Closed on Sundays)

Asamushi Onsen Joint Reservation Center

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